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Selected Publications
  • Li Pan, Madeleine E Lemieux, Tom Thomas, Julia M Rogers, Colin H Lipper, Winston Lee, Carl Johnson, Lynette M Sholl, Andrew P South, Jarrod A Marto, Guillaume O Adelmant, Stephen C Blacklow and Aster, J.C. 2020. IER5, a DNA damage response gene, is required for Notch-mediated induction of squamous cell differentiation. eLife. 2020;9:e58081
  • Aster, J.C., Pear, W.S. and Blacklow, S.C., 2017. The varied roles of Notch in cancer. Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of Disease, 12, pp.245-275.
  • Ryan, R.J., Petrovic, J., Rausch, D.M., Zhou, Y., Lareau, C.A., Kluk, M.J., Christie, A.L., Lee, W.Y., Tarjan, D.R., Guo, B. and Donohue, L.K.H. …Aster, J.C., Pear, W.S. 2017. AB cell regulome links notch to downstream oncogenic pathways in small B cell lymphomas. Cell Reports. 21(3), pp.784-797.
  • Severson, E., Arnett, K.L., Wang, H., Zang, C., Taing, L., Liu, H., Pear, W.S., Liu, X.S., Blacklow, S.C. and Aster, J.C., 2017. Genome-wide identification and characterization of Notch transcription complex–binding sequence-paired sites in leukemia cells. Sci. Signal. 10(477), p.eaag1598.
  • Gutierrez, A., Pan, L., Groen, R.W., Baleydier, F., Kentsis, A., Marineau, J., Grebliunaite, R., Kozakewich, E., Reed, C., Pflumio, F. and Poglio, S. …Aster, J.C. 2014. Phenothiazines induce PP2A-mediated apoptosis in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The Journal of clinical investigation. 124(2), pp.644-655.
  • Wang, H., Zang, C., Taing, L., Arnett, K.L., Wong, Y.J., Pear, W.S., Blacklow, S.C., Liu, X.S. and Aster, J.C., 2014. NOTCH1–RBPJ complexes drive target gene expression through dynamic interactions with superenhancers. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 111(2), pp.705-710.
  • Wang, H., Zou, J., Zhao, B., Johannsen, E., Ashworth, T., Wong, H., Pear, W.S., Schug, J., Blacklow, S.C., Arnett, K.L. Bernstein, B.E., Kieff, E and Aster, J.C. 2011. Genome-wide analysis reveals conserved and divergent features of Notch1/RBPJ binding in human and murine T-lymphoblastic leukemia cells. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 108(36), pp.14908-14913.
  • Weng, A.P., Millholland, J.M., Yashiro-Ohtani, Y., Arcangeli, M.L., Lau, A., Wai, C., del Bianco, C., Rodriguez, C.G., Sai, H., Tobias, J., Li, Y., Blacklow, S.C., Pear, W.S. andAster, J.C. 2006. c-Myc is an important direct target of Notch1 in T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia/lymphoma. Genes & development. 20(15), pp.2096-2109.
  • Weng, A.P., Ferrando, A.A., Lee, W., Morris, J.P., Silverman, L.B., Sanchez-Irizarry, C., Blacklow, S.C., Look, A.T. and Aster, J.C., 2004. Activating mutations of NOTCH1 in human T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Science. 306(5694), pp.269-271.
  • Jones, D., Ballestas, M.E., Kaye, K.M., Gulizia, J.M., Winters, G.L., Fletcher, J., Scadden, D.T. and Aster, J.C., 1998. Primary-effusion lymphoma and Kaposi’s sarcoma in a cardiac-transplant recipient. New England Journal of Medicine.  339(7), pp.444-449.

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